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  Events in Sri Lanka  
Independence Day

This day commemorates the granting of independence to Sri Lanka by the British on 4th February 1948. It is a great patriotic and national occasion celebrated with colourful parades and pageants achievements.

Navam Perahera

A colourful traditional perahera organized by Gangaramaya Temple in Colombo parades the city streets for two nights. Dancers, elephants, whip crackers make it an unforgettable event.

Sinhala & Tamil New Year

The two main ethnic groups in Sri Lanka, the Sinhalese and Tamils celebrate a common traditional New Year in the month of April originally harvesting thanks giving. This marks the passage of the sun from Pisces to Aries. Traditional customs are observed on this day with merrymaking and fun and games and lavish hospitality.


Vesak is a thrice blessed day for Buddhists throughout the world. It commemorates the birth of the Prince Siddhartha, his attaining enlightenment and passing away into Nibbana as Gauthama Buddha. It is a day of great sanctity devoted to religious observances and charity. The day is also celebrated with festivity with numerous colourful decorations and illuminations, pandals and pageants. Wayside stalls distribute food and refreshments to the pilgrims and passers by.

Kataragama Festival

The Kataragama festival is another of the major Esala Festivals. Kataragama in the South-East corner of the island is a jungle shrine dedicated to God Skanda and is a popular pilgrim centre for Buddhists and Hindus. Fire walking and the annual perahera in July/August are some of its highlights.

Esala Perahera

Esala (July/August) is the seasons of festivals in Sri Lanka and the full moon day of Esala is the climax of some of the festivals. The most magnificent of these festivals is the Kandy Esala Perahera. A spectacular medieval day pageant is held for 10 nights climaxing with the Kandyan dancers and drummers in colourful traditional costumes. Kandyan Chieftains in medieval court dress, more than one hundred caparisoned elephants whip crackers, torch bearers etc., make it an unforgettable experience.

Deepawali Festival

Deepawali or Diwali is a festival of lights symbolising the victory of righteousness and the lifting of spiritual darkness. The word `Deepawali' literally means rows of clay lamps.
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