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Airline Reservation
Fly into Sri Lanka or out to exotic destinations with information within reach. Infotechs Travels are experienced and trusted travel agents arranging flight tickets for our customers for many years now. We now offer our expertise & share the information directly with you. You can log on to our airline information page & know what are the airline flights available, fares & seat availability to the destination you want to go to.

All you have to do is log on to the airline reservation page, feed in the required details and you will have all the information you require. We can then further assist you with the final ticketing. So now we give you the freedom to reach out to the information you require at any time, without any waste of your time.

Vehicle Hire

Infotechs provides a chauffeuring service, which allows you to choose the type of luxury vehicle you require and the type of service you need.

Our friendly and professional team will guide you through your requirements and itinerary and make all the necessary arrangements to ensure a trouble free chauffeuring experience. Our executive drivers are experienced, professional, courteous and helpful; we are often asked for our drivers by their names by our clients who have already experienced our efficient and friendly service .

Travel Insurance


If you travel outside the country for business or pleasure, buying travel health insurance is a smart idea. Why? Because you never know when you're going to get sick, or require emergency medical care. Without proper insurance, you could subject yourself and your family to potential risk -- and huge financial losses.

Travel insurance helps protect you and your family from unexpected costs due to medical emergencies when you are out of the country, traveling internationally. Why risk it when travel insurance costs so little and can save you so much? Not to mention the peace of mind it will give you knowing you're covered.

That's why it makes such good sense to prepare for the unexpected by purchasing travel health insurance.
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